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Our Quality Process

Our process is the reason behind the quality we produce, because everything is done by expert hands. Right from selecting the material to giving it the final touch, we employ expert artisans in the tasks. Also, we make an excellent use of experienced hands and technology that brings the perfection on the table.

At Aarav Collection, we manufacture, supply and export hand-crafted garments including sarees, kurtis, skirts, shawls, scarves, stoles, ladies dresses and home furnishing items by using finest quality material. Cotton is the most commonly used supply at our manufacturing unit, because it keeps the Indian traditions and aroma flourishing in the garments. The entire work from material selection to supply consists of different phases, including:

Bagru Printed Dress Material

Material selection

Our team of experts visits the marketplaces in search of the finest quality material and collects the best supplies. Once the material is collected, it goes from a strict quality check before going to the next step. We use only those materials that meet the quality standards, because delivering quality depends upon the material used in production.


Our team of designers keeps a close eye on latest vogue because we strictly believe that traditions are best suited when they make you look trendy. While Indian vogue is all we strictly focus, we are also open to adapt the contemporary culture because your comfort and elegance is our top priority.


Then comes the most important element of the process, the manufacturing process. Our expert artisans work hard on manufacturing part to produce the garments that catch your eyes right away. They also get support from the most cutting-edge technology to achieve perfection. Every piece goes from different hands to take shape, coming out as a beautiful final product.

Quality test

Once the final product is ready, it goes through a strict quality test. We have a separate team of quality analysts that check every single piece very carefully, finding the loopholes and correcting them. Only after we are fully satisfied with the garments, they go out for the next step.


The beautiful garments get a beautiful packaging to take a stunning look. While elegance remains our top priority in packing the pieces, we also make sure the packaging does not destroy or harm to soft attire.

And then, it reaches to you, increasing the beauty of your wardrobe. Aarav Collection, being a reputed garment manufacturer in India, always makes sure that the products we create meet your expectations. Also, since we employ a perfect blend of human artisans and technology, we are successful in keeping the costs low, making it more affordable to you.

Want to know more about our work process? Feel free to visit our manufacturing unit. We will be more than happy to have you.