Manufacturers and Suppliers of Cotton Garment Fabric

Along with manufacturing finest quality garments with cotton, Aarav Collection also manufactures and supplies cotton garment fabric used for manufacturing these garments. We are an international supplier of designer Bagru printed fabrics and Sanganeri Cotton Printed Fabrics, Hand Block Printed Fabrics, Hand Block Printed Home Furnishing Fabrics and much more.

Working with the leading manufacturers of cotton garment fabrics in Jaipur, we export the finest quality cotton fabrics to our clients from across the globe. We have been actively working in this industry since a long time and have produced a range of flawless garment fabrics cherished around the world. Understanding the gap between demand and supply of fine quality garment fabrics, Aarav Collection started dealing in this segment and today, we are one of the most reputed suppliers of cotton garment fabrics in India.

Some of the most popular fabrics we supply are listed below:

Bagru Hand Block Print Fabric

Bagru is a small town near Jaipur that has its global reputation for producing world-class hand block printed cotton fabrics. This fabric is known for its smoothness, hues and superior quality. Our garment fabrics are directly bought from the skillful designers and are supplied to you at the most reasonable prices.

Sanganeri Print Cotton Fabric

Sanganer is yet another place near Jaipur that has great reputation for the artistic garment fabrics and hand-block printed fabrics. Some of the most popular items manufactured here are Block Printed Dress Material, block printed home furnishing items, cotton kurtis, salwar suit fabric etc. You may buy the finest quality Sanganeri print cotton fabrics from Aarav Collection at the most affordable prices.

Hand Block Print Fabric

Hand block printing is an art that has remained quite popular since a long time, and these fabrics are cherished all around the world. Aarav Collection is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of natural hand block print fabric used in manufacturing a wide range of Indian traditional garments.

Jaipur Hand Block Print Dress Material

The Jaipur Hand Block Print Dress Material is high in demand, but the presence of mediators multiplies the cost of this fabric when it reaches to your hand. Aarav Collection bridges the gap between the designers and buyers by supplying best quality hand block print dress material at reasonable prices, along with ensuring utmost quality.

Bagru Dabu Hand Block Print Fabric

Do you want to purchase the finest quality hand block print fabrics from Bagru Dabu? Aarav Collection is the place where you will find the finest hand block printed fabric at best prices. Made with the finest quality raw material and by the hands of expert artisans, this fabric is beautiful, skin-friendly and easy to wash. We have a range of hand block printed fabric in different patterns, colors and designs.

Bagru Hand Block Naptol Print Fabric

Yet another popular garment fabric emerging from Jaipur is Bagru Hand Block Naptol Print Fabric used for manufacturing a wide range of garments for men, women and kids. The fabric is manufactured with great quality raw material bought from the most trusted suppliers, and it goes through artistic hands before taking the final shape.

Indigo Block Print Dress Fabric

Aarav Collection is a reputed supplier of Indigo Block Print Dress Fabric designed with a blend of artistic hands and technology. The fabric is used for creating high-quality garments suitable in every environment. This fabric is high in demand in both domestic and international market, and we offer a wide range of colors, patterns and designs of it.