Aarav Collection is a manufacturer, Asupplier and exporter of traditional Indian garments established
and promoted by Miss Preeti Diggiwal.

Aarav Collection

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Manufacturers & Wholesalers of Traditional Indian Handblock Print clothing

Aarav Collection is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of traditional Indian garments established and promoted by Miss Preeti Diggiwal. Came into being in year 2001 as a small fabrication unit, the company today has become of the most rewarded and pioneer manufacturer of cotton fabrics and designer outfits.

Jaipur remained the home to Aarav Collection since the day of its inception since the city has already acquired great reputation on global footprints as a hub of Indian traditions. Combined by the hard work of expert artisans and support of technology, we manufacture an eye-catching collection of Hand Block Print Sarees, Designer Salwar Suits, Kurtis, Skirts, Scarves, Stoles, Cotton Dress Material and Cotton Home Furnishing products.

While based in Jaipur, Aarav Collection touches global marketplace through supplying and exporting to its clients worldwide. We have our clients based in dozens of countries across the globe who show their trust and believe upon the quality we produce. Following our core mission of introducing Indian traditions on global level, we have already become the most reputed manufacturing house of Indian traditional clothes and moving towards in the direction of acquiring global leader position.

Our Mission

Aarav Collection works with a simple mission of introducing Indian traditions in global marketplace. We understand the demand and importance of Indian traditional clothes across the globe. However, there are very few reputed manufacturers and suppliers that bring on the table the actual aroma of Indian attire. Our mission to bridge the gap between our traditions and people who cherish it, and we work to achieve the same.

Our Vision

In last few years, we have successfully tapped a large segment of worldwide marketplace with our products, yet there is a big horizon to cover. We live with a vision to become the world leader in manufacturing and exploring Indian traditional dresses. Our vision is not to become the largest garments company, but our actual vision is keeping our values intact while moving in that direction.

The Aarav Collection Team

We also have a team of suppliers and exporters

We have in our team some seasoned and passionate designers who keep exploring the marketplace in search of the trendy garments and fragrance of Indian attire, and they combine these two to make something that speaks Indian values yet tops the fashion industry. Also, we have a team of marketers who keep tapping the markets to find new opportunities and introduce our products everywhere. We also have a team of suppliers and exporters who help us reach the global marketplaces with our products.

a team of suppliers and exporters

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Aarav Collection

Aarav Collection is the best Choice for womens clothing

We take technology very seriously as it enables us to be much more productive in little time. However, we do not forget our core mission and motive which is to bring the expert artisans on forefront.

At our manufacturing unit, we have expert artisans sweating hard to bring something beautiful on the table and we also have advanced mechanism to bring perfection.