What are the Difference between Screen and Hand Block Printing?

What are the Difference between Screen and Hand Block Printing?

The purpose of printing fabric is mainly to make it look appealing, and for this purpose, various methods are used during the process. Out of many available techniques, block printing and screen printing are the two most commonly used techniques that are used for printing designs. People often confuse between the two, but there are a lot of differences that they are hardly aware of, and this article will highlight such differences. You can find a wide variety of such prints with the Ethnic Suits wholesaler and can check out their Hand Block Print Sarees or unstitched hand block print cotton salwar suits to get an idea about the prints.

Difference between Screen and Hand Block Printing

Contrasting New and Ancient Printing Designs

Hand block printing is an age-old practice, whereas screen printing is certainly new. Both of these techniques make use of different tools for printing clothes. Wooden blocks are used in hand block printing while the screen printing makes use of a stencil for shifting the design on the desired fabric. You can check out some of these designs with the Hand Block Print Exporter to get an idea about the different types of prints available.

In hand block printing done by wholesale hand block print clothing suppliers, the prints are done on the cloth using the wooden blocks that have special patterns, and the block is soaked in the oil for an entire night. Even the Hand Block Print Chanderi Suits Manufacturers carry out this process to make sure that the prints on the suits come out well.

Once the soaking is completed, the blocked are dipped in color and then stamped on the clothes so that the designs are formed using different colors. In screen printing, stencils are used for stamping the designs. Moreover, screen printing is usually done on stretched silk or similar fabrics where they are coated with paints only at the areas which need not be blocked using the stencils.

The prints that are made through screen printing look regular, but they clean and cheap also. On the other hand, the prints generated through block printing by Hand Block Print Chanderi Sarees Manufacturers are usually done using stamping methods. The latter technique is considered to be simple, artistic, and elegant. The time required to make one hand block printed piece is more than that in screen printing as the former one is done manually.

Techniques used by Hand Block Print Exporter

  • Discharge Printing: In this method, the entire fabric is dipped in color after which the area that needs to be printed is colored late on. The design is then treated with a chemical which makes it appear faded from a specific area after which the faded portion is colored in completely different colors. Once the process is completed, the fabric is left with a special effect.
  • Regular Direct Printing: In this technique, the fabric is first processed using bleach which helps in increasing the absorbing power of the dye and also removes the grey color from the cloth by giving it a yellow colored tinge. Once this is done, the cloth is left for drying after which the prints are applied to it using blocks and dyes.
  • Resist Printing: In this technique, a mixture of resin and clay is applied in some areas of fabric which need to be made resistant to the color. After this, the color or dye is applied to the rest of the fabric, which leaves the fabric with designs.

On the flip side, screen printing basically makes use of the stencil to fill colors on the fabric which are then left to dry for the design to get embossed.