What Tools are used in Block Printing?

Block printing is one of the popular printmaking techniques that was first discovered in China thousands of years ago. In the earlier days, the artists would create the image in relief onto a wooden block, creating a stamp which was then tinted with ink and pressed firmly onto the cloth material, such as unstitched cotton Salwar suits, to create the print. Wooden blocks are still used by professional artists to create a high-quality stamp, but today there are a large number of materials and tools developed for better printing procedure.

What Tools are used in Block Printing?

Whether you are a professional hand block print chanderi salwar suit manufacturer or a beginner in this realm, you will want to use some top-notch printmaking tools to block print your cloth material. Some of these materials include foam, linoleum, and sponges. Note that using effective print making tools can help you print your original designs on clothes, fabrics, and even paper. Are you looking for the right block printing tools to design hand block printed Saree? Well, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will show you the most important block printing materials and tools that you must arrange before getting started with the printmaking process. You should also know about the leading unstitched cotton salwat suits exporters out there.

Here we go:

Wooden Block and Wooden Tray

One of the most important tools you need for hand block printing is wooden blocks. In this traditional approach of print making, the artist needs carved and dyed blocks of woods. The artist has to press the wooden blocks on the fabric to design wonderful prints and patterns. Have you seen the stunning traditional Chanderi Salwar suit? Well, they are designed by the professional printmaker artists who use wooden blocks (dyes with vegetable as well as mineral dyes) and marketed by the leading chanderi hand block print saree suppliers.

Wooden blocks play an integral part in fabric printing. The quality of the wooden block directly influences the print on the wholesale women clothing. Wooden tray (usually comes with a bamboo lattice bed cover) is another important tool that is used for spreading the printing color throughout the material. In order to ensure the even distribution of the color throughout the fabric, make sure to buy a high-quality wooden tray and the bed cover.

Printing Table and Pad

As it is clear from the name itself, the printing table is the desk where hand block printing is executed. The artists place the fabric onto the printing table and use the necessary tools to produce a print on the cloth. Printing tray, on the other hand, is the tool that spreads the printing color in the wooden tray.

Pins and Brushes

People tend to neglect pins and brushes as they do not directly help in the printing process. However, if you want the perfect chanderi hand block print, you need to ensure that the cloth you have placed on the table stays stable. For that, you will need pins to fasten the fabric to the table and brushes to clean it.

Hand Drill and Wood Planer

While hand drill carves the rough parts of the wood, wood planner softens the surface of the same. Also, you may need a butter paper that is used to carve the designs on the wooden surface. Until the wooden surface is properly carved, your design won't look perfect. Make sure that you mark the printing areas with chalk and scale on the fabric to create flawless prints.

Have you ever been to the ethnic suit wholesaler store? If yes, you might have seen some amazing fabrics with hand block printings on it. These wholesale women clothing stores are known for selling exclusive hand block printed fabrics. If you want to try hand block printing techniques, get the above-listed tools, and create your first ever pattern.